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Charity Projects
Please ALWAYS remember to sign in any items you donate at the Charity table at guild meetings.

Quilts and Afghans – donated to Project Linus or other charities.  
  • You are always welcome and encouraged to make them, from baby size, lap size to bed size using your own fabrics.
  • The Charity Committee may also have some quilt kits (completed top, batting, backing and binding) available at each meeting. Simply sign out the kit and sign it in when you return it.

NICU Hearts – donated to hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Units.
                           (Edwards and Prentiss Hospitals)
  • These should be done in flannel in pairs. One is given to the mother to wear and then given to the baby to share the mom’s scent. They are needed in pairs so that the mom can be wearing one while the baby is being exposed to one.

Pillowcases - donated to Ryan’s Case for hospitalized children.
  • The pillowcases should be brightly colored cotton. They can be as elaborate or simple as desired and standard size. 
  • Instructions to do the “Hot dog/Sausage method” for making the pillowcases are available at the Charity table.

Christmas Stockings – donated to Sharing Connections for needy children.
  • We will do a major kickoff for these as part of our Christmas in July announcements, but you are welcome to make them anytime. 
  • Instructions/pattern will be available in July at the charity table and some kits may also be available.

Dog Beds – donated to Hinsdale Humane Society.
  • Please always save your scraps of fabric or batting to stuff these casings. We try to have casings available at the meetings. You are also welcome to make casings out of sturdy upholstery type fabric.
  • A recommended size is a rectangle approximately 24” x 30” by a maximum of 4” high.

Fidgit Quilts – donated to dementia units.
  • These are small lap sized (20” x 20”) quilts. It is easiest to make a simple nine patch with something different in each square (e.g. a zipper, Velcro, a pocket, etc.) Each item must be very securely fastened to the quilt. You can Google "fidget quilts" for ideas.

Preemie Hats – donated to various NICU units.

Angel (Breast Cancer patient) Pillows – donated via Debbie Venable to breast cancer patients.
  • These allow comfortable positioning under the arm following breast surgery or radiation treatment. They should be very soft (flannel or fleece) washable fabric.

Aluminum pull tabs – donated to Ronald McDonald House.
  • There is a jar to deposit these tabs at the charity table.