established 1974

Biennial Quilt Show
"A Quilt Odyssey"
was held
September 23-24, 2023

2023 Quilt Show Ribbon Winners

Opportunity Quilt:  "FCQ Enterprise"
Designed by: Karla Hogan

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Of Interest to Members
2023 Quilt Show Information

Quilt Show Committee Chairs: The official list

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Members' Scrap Blocks: At the time of each quilt show, members are invited to make scrap blocks that will be sewn into quilt tops. This year we are collecting sets of TWO 8 ½” Jacob’s Ladder blocks from members. For each set of blocks submitted, a member receives a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of the tops at the Quilt Show Celebration meeting in September.
For more information contact the Scrap Quilt Chairs, Lazeth Novak or Gail Trainor.

Janet Bingle Award: In October 1991 Faithful Circle Quilters honored Janet Bingle with an award for founding our guild and inspiring its members to share their quilting expertise with others. 

To further honor Janet they established the “Janet Bingle Award” which recognizes a guild member who has provided exceptional leadership and effort to further the mission of the guild, strengthen the organization, support and educate its members, and promote the art of quilting. 

The award may only be won once. Previous “Janet Bingle Award” winners are: Chris Kinka (1993), Marilyn Bushman (1995), Rita Ptacek (1997), Judy Teska (1999), Paula Hitz (2001), Connie Gaul (2003), Kathy Nybo (2005), Marla Kuettler (2007), Coleen Walter (2009), Jan Keller (2011), Joan Bratton (2013), Annabelle Jankowiak (2015), Barbara Rathke (2017), Mary Lee St. Aubin (2019)

Although you may not know all these women, they held many board and committee positions, introduced creative programs for the membership, and built strong systems that created and support the 200-strong Faithful Circle Quilters guild we know today.

It is now time for you to nominate a deserving member for the 2023 Janet Bingle Award. We have an active and flourishing guild due to the many members who volunteer their time and effort; our task is to select one who has taken on more than her fair share and has made measurable contributions to the guild.

The 2023 awardee will be honored September 27th at the Quilt Show Wrap-up meeting.